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  5. By-law and Policy Manual

  6. Annual Reports, Finances, and Audits



The Board of Directors, Members Meetings and the AGM

The Board of Directors is elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting held in March. WPIRG is audited annually and reports to its membership at the AGM. While WPIRG funding (which supports volunteer training, events and projects, maintenance of an office and library, plus one full-time staff) is administered by the Board of Directors, the projects facilitated by WPIRG are chosen by volunteers.

Starting with the 2014/2015 academic year, the WPIRG Board of Directors, following a period of consultations with members, introduced Member's Meetings to our governance structure. Member's Meetings will be held two to three times per academic term. Members meetings will be an opportunity for members (you!) to shape the work of WPIRG in three key areas: funding applications, endorsements of campus and off-campus campaigns or causes, and to provide the organization with feedback and direction on its activities on campus. To find out more about Member's Meetings, please continue reading under MEMBERS below.

WPIRG is unique when compared to many other organizations. The range of issues and projects undertaken by volunteers through WPIRG is a result of the amazing mix of people who come through our doors passionate about an environmental or social justice issue.

Consensus Decision Making

WPIRG promotes the use of consensus-decision making throughout the organization. We provide training on consensus at the start of every school term. Consensus is a group decision-making process where all members are heard and the group works toward reaching a decision that is acceptable to everyone. The consensus process attempts to constructively deal with the range of opinion which naturally exists within any group.

Consensus is not unanimity. Reservations or differences on a particular issue may still exist within the group, and individuals may prefer a solution other than the one that is adopted. Consensus is reached if everyone in the group is willing to accept a decision and they feel it is the best possible decision which can be achieved under the circumstances.

*Consensus is not applied Members Meetings and the AGM, where decisions are made by majority vote. The size of these meetings and nature of their content lend themselves better to majority decision-making. Read full meeting procedure here.



All University of Waterloo students, staff, faculty, and city-wide community members are welcome to apply for membership with WPIRG.

Members are encouraged to attend Member's Meetings, held once per UW academic term. Members are entitled to vote at Member's Meetings, have open access to our support network, funding opportunities, and platform to build initiatives. For procedural details on Member's Meetings, read more here.

In addition to being a place for members to contribute to decision making, Members Meetings give members the opportunity to find out about ongoing WPIRG activity and provide feedback and suggestions for future work, join or strike committees on anything from policy to campaigns and connect with other students and groups working on social and environmental issues on campus.



The Board of Directors is elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting. The Board of Directors administers the day to day needs of the organization as well as funding provided to WPIRG that is not subject to the authority of Members Meetings. Board meetings occur on a regular basis and are open to the membership. The Board consists of students and community members, although there are five spots reserved specifically for undergraduate students of the University of Waterloo.

Board Agendas and Meeting Minutes are published here. Meetings of the Board of Directors are open to WPIRG members. To contact the Board of Directors, or if you are interested in attending a board meeting, please email



Core Staff
The role of core staff is to support the work of volunteers and to provide continuity to the organization. Staff are administered by a Board of Directors elected by the membership (you!) at our Annual General Meeting. Our current full-time permanent staff members are:

Alex Diceanu
Coordinator of Projects and Organizational Development



The by-law is the highest governing document in the organization. By-law changes are approved by the members at general meetings

WPIRG By-law

Policies are developed by the Board of Directors to govern the daily functioning of the organization. Policies are reviewed on a regular basis and may be subject to change by the Board of Directors at any time. 

WPIRG Policy Manual



WPIRG’s annual financial documents are released publicly each spring at our Annual General Meeting. The audited financial statements for the past five years are also available below.

All WPIRG members are invited to participate in decisions around WPIRG’s finances through Member's Meetings. For questions about the current operating budget or how to get involved in financial decisions, please contact the Board of Directors at To discuss WPIRG’s finances and budgeting in more detail, please contact our Coordinator of Projects and Organizational Development at to book an appointment.

Annual Report 2015-2016

Audited Financial Statement 2014-15

WPIRG Operating Budget 15-16

Anual Report 2014-15 (audit incl.)

Audited Financial Statement 2013-14

Anual Report 2013-14 (audit incl.)

Audited Financial Statement 2012-13

Anual Report 2012-13

Audited Financial Statement 2011-12

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