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The Waterloo Public Interest Research Group (WPIRG) is a University of Waterloo service founded in 1973 by UW full-time undergraduates to provide them with a place to research, educate, and take action on environmental and social justice issues. WPIRG is a bridge between campus and community where students work to better their campus and the spaces beyond.

WPIRG is an incorporated non-profit. Your $5 contribution per term entitles you to a full membership and contributes towards supporting volunteer training, events and projects. Staff are administered by a Board of Directors elected by the membership (you!) at our Annual General Meeting. Board of Directors meetings occur on a regular basis throughout the year and are open to the membership. To learn more about our structure and governance, visit STRUCTURE under YOUR WPIRG in the navigation bar or click here.

Please drop in to our office, send us a note, or email to be a member. 

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Your membership entitles you to a vote at Member's Meetings and open access to our support network. Our initiatives are endless - visit STUDENT ACTION in the navigation bar to see what you can join, or to kickstart a new project! WPIRG will support you in every step of the way by providing a network of experienced volunteers, staff and through funding opportunities. Apply to join below!


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