GETTING ORGANIZED: Tools for Resisting Racism and White Supremacy


Volunteers Needed!

UPCOMING VOLUNTEER MEET-UP AND ORIENTATION: Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 6-8pm at EV3 Rm. # 4412. Facebook event page here.


The organizers of  “Getting Organized: Tools for Resisting Racism and White Supremacy” are looking for volunteers to help us put on the conference. Specifically, we are looking for volunteers that can help with one or more of the following:


  • Build an anti-racism resource table for the conference (collect zines, articles, posters, books etc.)

  • Outreach: class talks, flyer blitzes, and clubs networking

  • Billeting and/or chaperoning out of town speakers

  • Set up and take down the during the conference

  • Moderate panels

  • Record conference presentations


Any bit of support you can offer is welcome and helpful. In turn, WPIRG will support you so anyone can help even if this is the first time you're getting involved with something like this.  Contact Alex at if interested.