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Do you have a great idea that you’ve been contemplating? Does this idea relate to social justice, environment, human rights and/or leadership? If so, WPIRG wants to hear from you. WPIRG provides small grants for projects, groups, events, and campaigns that fall within our mandate.  If you are interested in applying to WPIRG for funding and/or additional support please fill out the below form and send it to

General Funding Application Form

Please note that WPIRG has limited resources and we are unable to approve every funding request that we receive. In order to give the WPIRG Board of Directors adequate time to review your request, submit your application far in advance of your event or project. It typically takes 2-4 weeks for funding requests to be processed.

We have provided our proposal evaluation guidelines so that students and groups submitting funding applications have a sense of how we consider project funding and co-sponsorship.



WPIRG accepts applications for new actions groups throughout the year. If you would like to learn more about being a WPIRG action group – what that entails, responsibilities, and the support WPIRG provides, details are outlined in the below application package. If you review the package and are interested in applying to become a WPIRG action group, please fill out the form below and submit it to our Volunteer and Programming Coordinator at

Action Group Application Form


COMMUNITY BUILDER BURSARY / Applications Closed until September 2016

Each Fall and Winter semester, WPIRG offers a bursary for full-time undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. You can find the application form linked on this page. If you have any questions regarding the bursary or the application process, contact When you have completed your application, please submit it to

Bursary Application 2015/16

Please check back for deadlines.



Projects are unique from action groups in that they often require immediate action, increased staff support, and/or are not ongoing. See examples of current and past projects here.

To involve us in a project idea, use the form below or email