Volunteer Opportunities

Design for Justice

On an ongoing basis, many volunteer-run social organizations and student groups in the KW region look to the important support of local designers to produce posters, flyers, and digital content. The work of artists and designers offers a fresh face to promote important causes on campus and in the community, particularly surrounding racial and economic justice.

Currently, the following groups are looking for design support:

- Black Lives Matter Kitchener-Waterloo (BLM-KW)

- Students for Palestinian Rights (SFPR)

There will be ongoing opportunities to collaborate with many of our campus and community partners, like those listed on our about page.


This volunteer position will offer you the opportunity to:

- Develop your graphic design skills

- Connect with, contribute to, and learn about important social causes

- Build up your portfolio

- Earn volunteer hours to fulfill class credit


While opportunities like these will be ongoing, the deadline for this open call is 11:30pm on September 23, 2018.

To apply:

1) Write us a brief paragraph describing why you are interested in getting involved, or what caught your attention about this posting?

2) Detail if you are applying as a general volunteer or to fulfill a class credit opportunity (or similar)

3) Include a few samples of your digital work (via web link or attachment)*

*If your portfolio is already online, you may contact us via email or the below form and include the link. If it is not online, please contact us via email to attach samples: info@wpirg.org

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities unrelated to design, please also reach out and we will point you to the right place!


Since 1973, WPIRG has been a hub of social and environmental justice activism, providing resources and opportunities such as these and building bridges between our wide network.

Take a look at our gallery grid for a small peek into our poster archives!

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