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Transmisogyny and Gendered Violence in Organizing

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In political and activist circles the narrative around Transmisogyny and gender based violence, is often the same: We exist in a white cis- heteropatriarchy that disadvantages femmes, non- binary, and 2spirit folks in both their public and private life. The goal of these movements often talks about challenging these systems of violence and having intersectional approaches to the work that we do. However, within systems of violence there are no "safe spaces". Oppression exists within the very spaces that we organize within, and this workshop seeks to talk about the complicated, messy and confusing ways this occurs; how to build stronger movements internally, and ultimately how to do better work so we can be more accountable to the integrity these circles seek to uphold. 

Bio's of our wonderful facilitators coming soon! You will love them

Location: Arts Building Room 1C17 at WLU
Time: 7pm

Email Hannah at LSPIRG to register:

If you have any accessibility concerns please contact Hannah at Additionally, we are offering child care for the event, please let Hannah know if you require child care when you register for the event. Jessica from WPIRG is also a point of contact if you have any concerns, she can be reached at

Later Event: July 18