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Countering Anti-Black Racism Workshop

2C3 ARTS, Wilfrid Laurier University

An event where we can think through how to address racialization and state power and hold ourselves accountable for how we contribute to racial violence.

On social media, #BlackLivesMatter mobilized critiques against the grand jury decisions not to indict officers Darrell Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo. Rallying around the unjust death of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and so many others, these conversations interrogate the racism endemic to police power, the state, and criminal justice system that sanctify white police officers with impunity while affirming the disposability of Black lives. How might we as students extend, engage, and complicate these viral discussions of anti-black racism? What pedagogical strategies and resources might we collectively share with our peers to analyze and challenge the myriad structures of anti-Black racism?”              

Presented jointly by Laurier Students Public Interest Research Group and Waterloo Public Interest Research Group.   

**Please note that you have to Register for this workshop!**

Later Event: March 11
WPIRG Board Coffee House